Pie with plum and ricotta

Plums – 12 pcs.
Eggs – 5 pcs.;
Butter – 80 g;
Ricotta – 500 g;
sugar – 180 g;
Flour – 80 g;
Lime or lemon peel;
Baking powder – 4 g;
If desired, you can add a little cardamom, vanilla or cinnamon.

Mix half of the sugar with zest and spices. Mix with a whisk. Add soft butter and beat until white. Then add the yolks one by one and beat them too. We add the ricotta a little at a time and also beat each time. Followed by flour and baking powder. Mix until homogeneity. In the latter case, whip the white protein with the last sugar. Put everything in a baking dish. Place fruits and berries on top. Bake at 180 for about 30-40 minutes. The cake will rise well, but then fall, this is normal. The middle should tremble a little.

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