Fried patties

We need (about 10 pieces):
Flour – 25
Sugar – 1 tbsp
Salt – 0.5 tsp
Oil – ​​30 gr
Boiling water – 120 gr

For the dough:
The whole brew
Dry yeast – 4 gr
Sugar – 5 gr
Yolk – 1 pc
Warm water – 60 gr
Flour – 275 gr

First, we make the brew. Mix all dry ingredients and add oil. Boil everything with boiling water and mix. Set aside and let it cool a little.

During this time, we separately mix yeast, sugar, yolk, flour and water. Add the brew and mix the dough. It may be necessary to add another 10-20 g of flour. The dough should be elastic, but a little sticky. Leave for 1 hour.

Then divide into 10 parts. Roll out each part, not too thin, otherwise they will tear. We put the method, cover it like a dumpling and stick it. We glue tightly. Let’s turn it over. Spouts can be hidden, or you can leave them. Press a little.
Let’s fry in parts, three formed, three fried. The pies will grow a little in volume, so do not put them next to each other. Fry on medium, closer to minimum heat.

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