Cream of mushroom soup

We need (for three servings):
Champignon mushrooms – 1 kg
Onion – 1 pc
Garlic – 3 cloves
Soy sauce – 4-5 tbsp
Chicken broth or water – 350-400 gr
Garnish with parsley and a drop of delicious truffle oil

Clean the champignons and cut them into slices. Onions too. Just peel the garlic. Throw everything on a baking sheet. Pour oil on top, add spices and soy sauce. Let’s mix. I did not salt. Salt at the end, if not enough. We bake at 200 approximately
20-30 minutes. To a good blush.

Pour into a saucepan (leave a couple of slices for decoration), add broth (or water) and blend with a blender until smooth. Then boil. We try it for salt. Next, pour in portions, decorate and enjoy.

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