Chicken skewers

We need:
Thigh fillet – 500 gr
Dry garlic or ordinary – half a tablespoon or 2-3 cloves
Smoked paprika – half a tbsp
Black pepper, salt
Oil – 2 tbsp

For lubrication:
Greek yogurt (or mayonnaise) – 2 tbsp
Sweet chili sauce – 2 tbsp

Cut the fillet into small pieces. Marinate in a mixture of spices and oil from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

During this time, soak wooden skewers in cold water.

Put pieces of meat on skewers and bake at 200 for about 20 minutes.

During this time, prepare the sauce. Just mix yogurt and sweet chili. We take out the skewers, grease them with sauce and bake them until golden brown for about 10 more minutes.

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